WCSM Heat Shrink

WCSM Heat Shrink Tubing

Raychem's WCSM 12/3-1200-S

Raychem’s WCSM 12/3-1200-S

WCSM is Raychem’s work horse heat shrink tube.  It has been used in literallythousands of different applications.    WCSM  is a heavy wall, high expansion heat shrinkable tube designed for use in applications where the direct voltage will not exceed 1000 volts (meaning the WCSM is being used to directly seal a spliced cable).  In a case where the WCSM sleeve was being used as a jacket repair, it could be used on cable with up to 35kV.  Everything you will see on this website is internally coated with a sealant of some kind.  We do have access to what we would call “uncoated WCSM” but we do not generally keep any in stock.   If you have an application that requires no sealant be used; please contact us (steve@jsicoatings.com).

These WCSM heat shrink tubes are installed using an industrial hot air gun, or a small propane (berns-o-matic) torch.   It is always important to wear proper safety equipment (gloves / goggles / etc) any time you are installing a heat shrink sleeve.

When trying to determine the sizing of a WCSM:  the first number is the supplied ID of the product in millimeters.  The second number is the fully recovered ID in millimeters.  The final number is the length of the tube in millimeters.  So, as an example; a WCSM 12/3-1200-S is a WCSM sleeve which is supplied with a 12mm ID (.47″) and will shrink down to seal to substrate with an OD of 3mm (.118″) and the tube itself is 1200mm long (47.25″).

WCSM heat shrink tubing is always kept in stock at JSI Coatings, ready to ship out to meet your needs.  We keep most sizes in quantities in excess of 100 and we do not enforce standard box quantities.  So give us a call and we’ll get you just what you need.  936/321-3333



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